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14 Responses to Gallery

  1. Laura Toller Gardner says:

    I LOVE Finding Peace! Congratulations Isabella. I am so delighted for you and the world that you have unleashed your inner wild artist for the benefit of all!

  2. Isabella, Your radiant images are a gift and blessing! Your own beautiful light shines through them. I love their serenity and quiet strength and how they invite you in to rest and be. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your important work with all of us.

    • Marie, thank you so much! Each painting is a positively transformative experience for me.
      Your paintings and artful journey have truly been an inspiration for me too; what a blessing to share this work.

  3. Candace says:

    Oh, Isabella! What an exciting time for you. I LOVE “Song of Grace.” Thank you for sharing. Hugs, C.

  4. StellaMac says:

    Isabella I LOVE them all – its impossible to choose just one! When I look at your work I feel great love and peace being sent my way. Love you

  5. Mary Schilder says:

    Thank you for bringing your light forward and shining it out into the world. Such courage to step in your greatness and let your art speak what is in your heart.
    You are making me dream of my first showing …..


  6. Isabella says:

    I love your art, and the emotion that is shown through each painting in full depth. I love the way your writing captures every detail of the moment, whatever it may be that your writing about. But most of all, I love that you can do what you love and that inspires me. I love to write and paint as well, although I could never be as good as you, but even so, thank you for inspiring me. Everything you do is so beautiful and you can tell that it is loved by the way you talk about them. That is a beautiful thing, the love one has for their own creations. I am truly happy to see how far you’ve gone with your work, and know that I will be here supporting you. I am sure that I am one of many who believes in your incredible talent and potential not only as an artist but as a person yourself.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m happy to know my art and words are inspiring for you. I believe we are all creative beings and the world needs all of our gifts and the beauty we create. Happy creating!

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